Youth Outreach Captain (through mid November)


About JustME for JustUS: 

JustME for JustUS is a new project dedicated to developing a civic engagement and climate justice statewide youth-led network. Our goal is to convene a powerful group of diverse Maine youth who care about the environment and climate justice, connect them with each other and mentors, and provide training and resources needed to be a force in 2020 and beyond


From now until Election Day, JustME for JustUS is looking for young people who are willing to reach out to Mainers in their personal networks and ask them about their plan to vote. That simple task can have a huge impact on voter turnout in your community.

Job Description:

Are you between the ages of 17 and 25, passionate about the environment, and looking to make a difference this election without making phone calls? Join the JustME for JustUS civic engagement program as a youth outreach captain!

Qualified applicants should:


  • Be between the ages of 17 and 25

  • Have a passion for the environment and civic engagement

  • Be comfortable reaching out to friends and acquaintances about voting

  • Own a smartphone


If that describes you, apply to join our civic engagement program today! 


To apply:

Please send a brief statement about why you’re interested in this position along with your social media handles to evan.lebrun@gmail.com with the subject line “Youth Outreach Captain.”



Youth outreach captains will be paid $5 for everyone in their personal networks who shares a vote plan with them between now and 11/2/2020 up to a total of $500.


JustME for JustUS (JMJU) is a project of Maine Environmental Changemakers in collaboration with Campaign Earth that aims to develop a civic engagement and climate justice statewide youth-led network.


Email: justmeforjustus@gmail.com

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