What are we building?

JustME for JustUS, launched in 2020, is dedicated to developing a civic engagement and climate justice youth-led network in Maine. Our goal is to convene a powerful group of diverse Maine youth who care about the environment and climate justice, connect them with each other and mentors, and provide training and resources needed to be a political force. We offer regional listening sessions, trainings, school and campus visits, and youth led strategy development to support the work that young folks are doing in their communities.


Our goal is to shift power and mobilize Maine youth to be critical players in building a just and sustainable Maine.


Want to get involved? We'll come to you and work with you in the way that is best for your community. Fill out our form!



This project arose out of a need for a new model of Maine youth organizing that:

  • Prioritizes youth in northern towns and rural Maine communities

  • Builds content for youth that comes out of their specific community and experience

  • Pays young people for their work.

  • Focuses on climate justice and civic engagement

  • Builds sustainability so that organizing can continue beyond students' graduation

  • Increases representation and diversity in civic engagement and environmental work

  • Generates hope through examples of youth projects and providing opportunities and tools to make a difference.

We are coming together to create the world we want to live in.

Who are we?

JustME for JustUS (JMJU)  is a new project of Maine Environmental Changemakers in collaboration with Campaign Earth.

Campaign Earth organizes actions and events to build a world that is just and sustainable for all who live here. We provide the resources for communities to access solar energy, fight against extreme energy threats in Maine, and support youth work across the state. Learn more here.

The Maine Environmental Changemakers Network is a unique intergenerational program connecting young Mainers (ages 15-30) from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about environmental and social justice with peer mentors and established professional mentors in the sector. It is a network that provides the training and resources needed to support the environmental and social justice actions that young changemakers organize in their communities. Learn more here.

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