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What We Offer

JustME for JustUS is supporting youth across the state to fight for climate justice in their communities and become a powerful voice in Maine’s civic landscape. 

You know your community best. We’re here to support you and your vision.


Are you interested in working with us? Here’s what we can offer--for youth and educators:

Start with a conversation
This can be step one in our work together. It’s an opportunity for us to simply listen to you, what you’re thinking about, the issues that you see in your school and/or community, what you’re interested in working on, what your goals are, etc… 
Our conversations will influence trainings that can be most helpful for you and your work. We aim to provide interactive, accessible, and engaging trainings to young folks who want to develop campaigns in their communities. These will be virtual or in person.
Strategy Development
Strategy development: If you know what you want to work but just need help fleshing out your idea, we can help with strategy development.
If you need financial support to do this work, we can help with that. 
We can also help either directly fund or connect you to funding sources for your work. 
We can help provide access to regional gatherings
JMJU can support the development of long-term campaigns that can withstand the 4-year student turnover cycle. 
Civic Engagement
This is a broad bucket of work, but we work with your community to identify the political landscape and develop a plan for how to highlight youth voices. We can organize candidates education campaign, candidates forums, and other opportunities *within a non-profit structure* that focus on values and platforms. 

Want to get involved?

We'll come to you and work with you in the way that is best for your community. Fill out our form!

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