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Vivian Noakes

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Rural Youth Organizer: Washington County

Vivian has grown up by the water, both by the lake and the coast. She has lived in Washington County since 2013 and in Addison since 2016. She is and always will be a rural girl and she loves this land and water. Vivian is a senior at Syracuse University dual majoring in Geography as well as Environment, Sustainability, and Policy. She has grown up in the environmental conservation world, is a third generation homesteader, and environmental advocate. She has experience in public participatory research, working on the water, working with farmers, and is also an artist. Vivian is excited to learn and share knowledge about Washington County environmental & economic assets! Outside of work, she enjoys barefoot runs in the mossy Maine woods, swimming at Tunk lake, sewing clothes from recycled materials, and foraging for food.

Vivian Noakes
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