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The Importance of Voting Climate Cautiously

By: Ashley Blais

Topic: Climate

Date: 10/23/2020

North America has experienced over 45,000 raging wildfires, 26
tropical storms, and 8 destructive hurricanes in 2020 alone. Every
single year the global surface temperature rises. Every single year
the world’s greenhouse gas emissions increase. The United Nations
estimates that in 10 years, the damage made to our climate will become
irreversible. This is not just climate change, this is a climate

Every single human on planet Earth relies on our climate for
nutritious food, clean water, and pure air sources. However, since our
climate crisis has become increasingly worse, droughts have limited
crop yields, changing water temperatures have forced various sea
creatures to migrate, pollution has adulterated water sources, and
smog has filled our air. This is an issue that affects each and every
one of us and has serious consequences. If progressive action is not
made to combat our global climate crisis, storms could become
stronger, droughts could become longer, crop yields and other food
sources could become unpredictable, and weather patterns could
completely change. However, not enough has been done on a national
scale to help ease our climate situation and buy us time. It is now
more important than ever to fulfill our civic duty and vote for
representatives that will make our climate crisis a priority. The
changes that need to be made need to happen on a large scale, so
electing representatives who have the power and are willing to
expedite climate crisis solutions is essential. However - aside from
voting - there are other ways that you can help on an individual

The easiest way to help on an individual level is to be aware of how
you use your resources. If you have a habit of leaving the lights on
when not in use, or letting the water run while you brush your teeth,
really focus on breaking those habits and encourage your friends and
family to do the same. You can also reduce waste by recycling plastic
bottles, paper, and other single use products or by donating items to
thrift stores to give them a second life. Lastly, you can alter your
diet to include less red meat, as the cattle industry is a large
contributor of greenhouse gases and therefore, climate change.

Our climate needs you now more than ever, so it is incredibly
important to vote climate cautiously and help work towards easing the
effects of this crisis.

Ashley Blais is a 17 year old from Belfast, Maine. She is largely interested in political science as well as the issues that face our country every day, particularly climate change, LGBTQ+ issues, and racial justice issues. She also has a passion for music and absolutely loves performing!